Grand Prix of Nations Riga 2017
& 3rd European Choir Games


Everyone is invited to participate in the creation of the world’s largest choir

Next year, in Riga, during the 3rd European Choir Games and the Grand Prix of Nations, people will gather together in the world’s largest choir. In order to invite singers from all over the world, we are beginning a social media video-invitation campaign through which Latvian choirs, students and friends will be able to address world choirs; inviting them to meet in July of 2017 in Riga.

The largest people’s choir symbolizes singing as a peaceful and humanitarian movement; which emerges through acceptance of cultural diversity, respect towards one another, each nation’s identity and their traditions. “When we sing we create a bridge and forge new friendships. The essence of the European Choir Games and the Grand Prix of Nations is to introduce our culture and gain understanding about other people’s culture and traditions.  While singing we are all united,” states project’s manager Diāna Čivle. 

Every Latvia’s inhabitant is invited to participate in the video-invitation campaign by creating a short video, in English, with their smartphone or camera, shortly describing this country and which nation you are inviting to visit Riga in 2017. Video-invitations can be directly sent to your international friends, inviting them to Riga and to pass it on so as to get the word out to every corner of the world. Your video-invitation can be posted on your Facebook page with #singinRiga2017. 

Well recognized people will also participate in our video-invitation campaign, including such celebrities as Aminata, singer and song writer, and group’s “The Sound Poets” lead Jānis Aišpurs hopes to create his video-invitation by singing the popular song “Kalniem pāri” (Over the Mountains) with a multitude of youth choirs

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