Grand Prix of Nations Riga 2017
& 3rd European Choir Games


Rīga Declared as the World Choir Capital

At Arēna Rīga today, eight days of competition and choir singalongs concluded at the Grand Prix of Nations Rīga 2017 and the 3rd European Choir Games, with the second awards ceremony and final concert by participants at the choir festival.

The broad range of choir music events – competitions in ten categories, nearly 30 friendship concerts, three regional concerts, masterclasses, special concerts and the new Eurovision Choir of the Year television competition, which brought almost 10,000 participants together in Rīga (160 choirs from 39 countries), ended up being the largest European Choir Games ever in terms of participants.  

Participants from other countries spoke approvingly about Rīga’s preparedness in organizing a cultural event of this magnitude. This was also confirmed by the organizers of the Choir Games from the German INTERKULTUR Culture Organization, who presented the City of Rīga with a special award, a placard stating Rīga – World Choir Capital.

On Saturday night at Arena Rīga, the world’s first title of Eurovision Choir of the Year was won by the Carmen Manet female choir from Slovenia, whereas a total of 35 gold, 56 silver and 2 bronze diplomas were won in the Games’ open competition; there were 29 gold, 23 silver and one bronze medal handed out in the European champion competition and 74 gold and 19 silver medals in the Grand Prix of Nations. In total, Latvian choirs won:

In total, Latvian choirs gained:

-          three titles as winners of the Grand Prix of Nations Rīga 2017, 27 gold and 3 silver medals;

-          five 3rd European Choir Games’ champion titles, 12 gold and 6 silver medals;

-          13 gold and 18 silver diplomas in the Open Competition.

The Grand Prix of Nations Rīga 2017 and the 3rd European Choir Games events were funded by the Rīga City Council and organized by the Rīga Tourism Development Bureau and the German Interkultur Culture Organization.

The next Grand Prix of Nations and 4th European Choir Games will take place in Gothenburg, Sweden from 3rd-10th August 2019. 

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