Grand Prix of Nations Riga 2017
& 3rd European Choir Games


Introduction concert of Latvian Song and Dance Celebration

The Concert in the Bastejkalns performed by the Rīga City Mixed Choir will give a brief introduction to the essence of next year’s Song Celebration Closing Concert.

Choir classics such as Alfrēds Kalniņš’ Dziedot dzimu, dziedot augu, J.Vītols’ Gaismas pils, M.Brauns’ Saule, Pērkons, Daugava and other songs loved by the public will be heard at the concert. 
60 Rīga City mixed choirs, soloists Daumants Kalniņš and Ance Krauze, an accompanying group headed by Raimonds Macats and the chief conductors of the Song Celebration Closing Concert will be taking part in the concert.

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