Grand Prix of Nations Riga 2017
& 3rd European Choir Games

World Choir

Category SOL provides the widest opportunities and discounts for purchasing tickets for those who wish to actively enjoy the opportunities provided by the Choir Games – to attend concerts, meet new friends, sing together with choirs, and to see how the event is developing through rehearsals.

WORLD CHOIR Member Category SOL
20 EUR

By obtaining a member card for the World Choir, the participant can get into events and receive the discounts provided. It is the member’s document for gaining access to special events.

Register for participation at the SOL level and obtain

  • A World Choir member card for getting into special events
  • The Choir Games programme book for free
  • An opportunity to attend the Opening Event at the National Library of Latvia
  • Entry card for masterclasses with a 20% discount
  • The opportunity to purchase tickets to any Choir Games event at Arēna Rīga with a 30% discount
  • The opportunity to purchase tickets to the Choir Games Closing Ceremony at Arēna Rīga with a 50% discount
  • Special offers for souvenirs with discounts up to 50%
  • A booklet of coupons with discounts and offers meant for members
  • The opportunity to take part in the parade of Nations together with Choir Games participants
  • The opportunity to take part in creative workshops – the information will follow
  • The opportunity to discover Rīga in a group excursion
  • VIP seats at the Nordic Lights concert at Rīga Dome Cathedral - Sold out!
  • Express security control entry to events at Arēna Rīga  

These are only some of the opportunities that you can get if you join the WORLD CHOIR and want to enjoy the Choir Games atmosphere.  The range of offers will be added to as the event draws closer, and you will also regularly receive the latest news by e-mail.

If you are interested in the opportunities provided by the WORLD CHOIR category SOL, register for participation in the WORLD CHOIR, pay 20 EUR in the internet-shop and use the offered privileges!


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